Hi, I'm Pyhtiö

I'm a finnish slightly obsessive drummer and web developer and an occasional photographer, born in early 80's. I like rock music (not from 80's) and scotch whisky but I also like trip hop and british humour. If you want to know more, use the cube. It's an essential part of why I made this page. Or scroll down on your phone.

@pyhtio on Twitter (thou I update this like never)

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Photo on the background by Emilia Kokko

Disclaimer: content might be a bit tongue-in-the-cheek -like in some parts.


I love it. I was exposed to Deep Purple at an early age, then in high school Metallica became an essential part of my life, then Pantera and eventually Dream Theater. Since then I've gone thru almost every possible phase. Clutch and Porcupine Tree are the best bands that have ever existed or will exist. Ever.

Around '00, back in high school I also picked up drums. Been playing in different bands since, ranging from metal to progressive rock and alternative rock to blues and a Pekka Pohjola tribute too.

More about drums here

My Youtube-channel and bands

Combine drum nerd plus camera nerd and you get drum videos. I uploaded my first Youtube-video in 2007 and the feedback hasn't been devastating so I've ended up making quite a few more of them.

This is Helsinki

It's the city where I grew up and currently work. One has to do something that makes you able to have a living. I'm actually so lucky that my work is something I enjoy doing, building websites. And I get to do it in a great company. In great company.

I graduated in 2009 with Bachelor's degree in engineering from HAMK, studied media technology. I created my first web page in upper elementary school.


So yeah, I like photography but these days it means to me mostly looking at other peoples photos and sometimes taking pics of my drums.

When I got my first DSLR, Canon 350D back in 2006 or something, I was a real camera nerd for some time. Nowadays I mostly shoot with Nokia Lumia 1020's pureview-camera and when I get more serious about it, I just might pick up my Canon 7D. My favorite lens is Tokina 11-16 f/2.8.

Well, since you asked, you can find some of my photos in here.

And my Instagram page this way.


Hmm, what to say.. I like them.

I proudly endorse Impression cymbals and wield Balbex sticks. My current main kit is a Pearl MLX (~1982) and secondary/live kit is a PDP X7.

Here's some drum photos for ya.

Wankers of the Zoo Crew

Check this out you wankha!

This bg photo also by Emilia Kokko

Reality and Truth are never exactly the same to different people. And this is the truth. In my reality.